01 November 2007

m.jays du jour

ok, they're lug-soled, they're plaid and they have the color orange within that plaid. i don't really know what more a girl could want.

31 October 2007

in threes

must death always arrive as a trio? what - is it not brave enough to take one person at a time? some days it just feels like you put your head in your hands, look down, and hope you get passed over. i believe it's that random. i really do.

so let's see: an old poetry professor out in arizona, a good friend's wife's grandfather, and a close friend's sister hanging in the balance - could be yes, could be no -- after a nasty fall down some stairs.

all morning i searched to find just the right poem to post or to send to friends, for comfort or whatever -- i mean, hey -- who else to turn to when grief strikes, when tragedy strikes, etc., than a poet? but nothing i read felt really right or truly comforting. and then death seems so personal anyway, so i skipped it. i was sure i could find one.